It's time for an upgrade!

iOS users: no immediate action required, but updating to the brand new version of the app is recommended (see below).

Android users: if your data haven't updated, just quit/stop your Escaype app, and launch it again. 

As we've been steadily growing over the last several months, one thing that's been difficult is that the data in the Escaype app has only represented what the models say, and has not included any changes our forecasters have made based on local intel and trained-eye observations. If unexpected fog appears in Santa Cruz, the app could still show 100/0, even though the fog has been announced in the Slack groups. Having these professional and community real-time updates to the model data is one of the signatures of our service, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to see those updates. We know that our system of simply announcing in the groups, that the app numbers may be out-of-date for certain areas, has been a bit cumbersome for you, and we'd really like to thank you for bearing with us while we worked out the frameworks for a better system. 

Now, however, we have the ability to update the Escaype app in real time. So, if that surprise fog invades, or that blue hole opens up, or we need to raise the potentials, we can do that, and the app numbers will match everything in the groups, so if you've been away, you don't have to worry about scrolling through the group's messages just to make sure you didn't miss any updates. 

The heat map updates with our changes, too.

We will continue to announce all major forecast updates in the groups, as well. The most current, down-to-the-minute information will still be in the groups, but we hope the Escaype apps become much more useful now.

One step closer to a weatherman in your pocket! 


Android users, and iOS users on the latest version of the app only, will notice a "Last Updated" field in the app, just above the Forecaster's Note. If the data for that station have been modified by an Escaype forecaster, it will show (forecaster modified) along with the time. If the data have not been modified, that means we consider the model forecast valid. iOS users: if you don't see "Last Updated", just update to the latest version of the Escaype app

Although we've been testing the new system for the last week, some brief hiccups may occur. iOS users, if your app crashes upon launch, the problem is probably on our end, so let Tung know. Android users, if you notice the data look funky (or can't load any data), let Tung know. Thanks for bearing with us through the construction dust -- we're here for you! 

Next steps: we're working towards a full, interactive heat map for iOS. And lots of other cool features and improvements to the models. :)


Instructions for updating iOS app: 

(1) log out of your Escaype app,

(2) download the file linked below onto your computer,

(3) drag it into the “apps” tab of your iTunes library to replace the old version,

(4) connect your iOS device, and sync.

Let us know if you run into any trouble.


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