planit: the ultimate #escaype companion

Greetings, y'all! To those who are new: our warmest welcome. 

While we wait for the clouds to come, I'd like to give you all a heads up to a new, incredible iOS and Android app that is the perfect complement to #escaype. It's called PlanIt! for Photographers and has been featured in a recent Digital Photography School article.

(disclaimer: I know the creator personally; he's a long-time Flickr contact of mine. He didn't ask me to write this and doesn't know I'm posting it, though.) 

TPE and PhotoPills were groundbreaking apps, but this new kid on the block does everything that both of them do and more, and it's all in one place. You can literally plan every detail of your shot (except for the weather conditions, of course -- that's our big job!).

Here are some of the things it does. It's pretty incredible:

* All the features of TPE and PhotoPills: full ephemeris for sun, moon, and Milky Way

* Tide predictions, with search feature (pick a height, specify it's a sunset shot, and it'll tell you what dates work)

* Map modes: Google maps, satellite, terrain

* View modes: through your viewfinder (you can see the mountains in your frame with the sun rising behind them, etc!), street view

* Location scouting: place and save markers, gps, terrain integration

* Visualizing your shot: seeing a specific focal length on the map and in the virtual viewfinder

* See where light and shadows fall (will that peak light up at sunset?), position of where a rainbow would be, timelapse, and a whole bunch of stuff I haven't even gotten to explore yet. 

The app is so packed with features that there are several I still haven't even gotten around to playing with yet. I don't really have any complaints so far; it definitely takes time to learn how to use everything in the app, but there's a good user's guide online that's helped a lot. The design isn't quite as sleek as PhotoPills or TPE, but it gets the job done just fine.

The app is $5.99, a total steal for what it offers. There's also a free but heavily crippled version for Android; don't know about iOS.

also, iOS folks: your #escaype heat map is almost ready. alllllllmost. get psyched. 

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