controlling your slack notifications

Hey all! I've been getting a lot of questions about how to control your notifications on Slack, so here's a quick guide to our recommended settings (and some other options you have). 

We do NOT recommend globally turning off all notifications for Slack. If you do this, you will not receive very important alert notifications. 

We also don't suggest muting channels. If you mute, it won't even show you if there are updates in the channel, until you literally scroll through it. We instead suggest controlling your notifications. 

Slack has you do this individually, by channel. 

ON DESKTOP ( or mac/pc app)

Look for this menu in each channel. Select "Notification preferences ..."

A window should pop up, which will allow you to set your notification preferences for that individual channel. 

Repeat this process for each channel you're in, choosing your desired settings. 

ON MOBILE (iOS/Android)

Look for a semi-hidden menu at the top of the channel window. You'll see a little down arrow marking the menu. On Android, it looks like the picture below. On iOS, it's next to the channel name at the top. 

OK, now find the "Notifications" setting. That's how you'll control your notifications for this channel. 

Careful! Don't press mute. You want "Send push notifications". That lets you choose your option.

Note that on desktop, you can control notifications separately for desktop and mobile. If you choose a setting on mobile, it will use the same setting for desktop, unless you change it manually on desktop. 



Your group (cotton candy flavor name): mentions of my name or highlight words

#random, #for-sale, #social-media: mentions of my name or highlight words

#forecasts: your choice of mentions of my name or highlight words (you'll only get notified for alerts), or activity of any kind (you'll get notified for all of our local forecast updates)

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