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For many events where the focus is not a burning sky (fog days, clear nights, pre-sunset storm light, etc) we will be disabling the local numbers in the Escaype app, and the bots will not post these numbers to the groups and forecast channels. Potential, skunk, and best time data will not be available.

Cloud cover and cloud height at sunset will still be available. This change only affects our official forecast area; our expert stations will still show model numbers. 


Well... let's put things in context. 

Does waking up at 4am for a 60/0 at Battery Spencer sound less exciting to you than it did before?

For many of you, the wind has been blowing a different direction lately. 

Perhaps the days of competitions for the best sky over classic landmarks will soon be a thing of the past. Take a scroll through #newreleases and you'll notice only a fraction of the images feature 100/0 skies. Social media trends that once enveloped our community now guide us less. Every week, another Escayper goes silent on social media. 

Do we all still want our shot of a 100/0 over the Golden Gate? Of course! But we're realizing there is more out there than collecting burning sky stamps. Maybe it's more intimate scenes that are turning you on lately. Or maybe it's layers. Or simplicity. Or deep space. Or dramatic light. Or foggy forests. Or grand old oak trees. Or anything that's tickling your fancy at the moment. 

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This is a good thing. Together, in our own ways, we are maturing as artists and as a community. 

Allow me to remind you of this: Escaype isn't just a pink sky service. We are a comprehensive weather service and community. And no matter what image you have on your mind, even the most abstract scene imaginable, it will require the right light. Sometimes, you might stumble right into a scene that was just meant to be. But if your image can be planned -- and the vast, vast majority can be -- we want to help. 

I have been trying very hard lately to include info in my forecasts for other kinds of light, like low clouds and drama, and fog. These kinds of conditions are often more difficult to quantify and rate, other than providing information for those who would be interested. I realize that seeing my notes say there will be nice light today has little impact when the bot is screaming "70/70 skunk" in your face all day, and the app shows no good numbers. The purpose of the numbers is simple: it forecasts pre-sunrise and post-sunset color. That's it. It doesn't tell you anything about fog, nor clear night skies, nor stormy afternoon light, nor soft filtered light, nor dappled light. THIS is why the burning-sky numbers will not be available when they are not necessary. 

I will soon be releasing multiple series of images from this winter and spring, a project where I stepped outside my own comfort zone. I used the exact forecasts in my notes, to capture different kinds of light that suited various scenes. You will see some images clearly taken well before sunset, some with soft light from high clouds. I do hope they are able to give you an idea of some other things that are possible with the Escaype forecasts you already have. 

If you're interested in something in particular, and we aren't already covering it for you, please ask! This is your journey, we're just your little helper along for the ride. Now, enjoy the conditions we have these next few months -- and get back out there! 



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