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I really have to throw in my testimonial here for this Escaype forecast. I don't think any rational person would have looked at that sky beforehand and guessed that any light show on any level would happen at sunset, and yet Escaype was predicting the best of all possible skies. Absolutely astonishing and dead accurate forecasting right there. Not that I've ever doubted Escaype--proven right every time for me, but this forecast was particularly impressive!

Erin Babnik, in comments


I don't listen or look at other forecast only escaype.

Jojo Butingan (imagesofdream on Flickr)


Escaype is amazing ... love how it just looks so blown out, an obvious skunk. In the meantime, you're telling yourself ... hold on, hold on ... here comes the magic and then BAM!

Scott Farrell (in comments)


"Escaype has saved me so much gas and wear and tear on my car, I don't chase skunks anymore. I'm actually shooting less often and scoring more... My family, wallet, and tires all thank Escaype. The best part? My photographic skills have improved from hanging out with some of the best photographers around."

Sam Post (sampost on Flickr)


"The Burn" is every landscapes photographers hope at sunset. To get those few minutes of insane colors that burn across the sky. I have photographed the CA coasts for a few years and I have never seen a sunset like this. A few photographers I've talked to agreed, this may be the best sunset seen in the bay area in a while. The entire area lit pink to orange hues, like it bathed the whole coast with it. I've only witnessed this one other time at Joshua Tree.

I chose a very simple comp, as most of my coastal photographs involve a lot of water movement but the sky was the show piece. Again, I have thank master weather man Jeff Lewis and his all seeing eye, escaype! #escaype #IBelieveJeff #escaypeForPresident

Jason Chong


This specific photo has been on my list to capture for a long time, I kept visiting this beach getting poor conditions every single attempt. However this time I finally got some light that complimented the composition and fulfilled the vision I had for the photograph. #escaype

Michael Shainblum


Last week, I was treated to the best sunset I have ever seen. The sky was gray and gloomy the whole day but Jeff Lewis predicted that the sky would look quite different soon. We departed from UCLA and made an impromptu trip out to El Matador Beach in Malibu. This is what we saw next. Though I had to leave school, put on hold important work, and change my plans around, I had no regrets. This scene has created a memory that I will never forget and will continue to enjoy for a long time.

Blake Simpson


I have had the honor of being part of the Escaype beta group for the past several months. In short, I have scored more sunset, and sunrise shots than I ever thought possible. Escaype issues multiple forecasts throughout the night and day giving you the best probable locations to shoot. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and Escaype lets you know immediately when Mother Nature delivers a curve ball. Escaype is by far the best thing that has ever happened in predicting, and quantifying various scenarios of light for photographers.

Matt Walker (rootswalker


Future is here !!!! I've been beta testing the app for quite sometime now  and its ridiculously accurate. I have seen sky blow up outta nowhere when it has been looking skunk whole day until the very last min, (within me smiling its gonna explode )

In short #trustthemodels #IBelieveEscaype

Tarun Kottary (500px)


My dreams and hopes for a full sky blowup did happen!

Nick Steinberg


Before #escaype, skunks were a necessary part of life, I'd win some and lose some. I've only been skunked once this winter, when I ignored the #escaype forecast. I don't ignore the forecast anymore :)

Sam Post (sampost on Flickr)


Jeff Lewis sent me a text about escaype showing some good light about to happen in the Gorman area. I was a bit skeptical seeing the condition with overcast condition and no opening anywhere I look. I double check with Jeff before doing my 45 minutes drive to Gorman and he assured me it's a go and it will light up. Well to make my story short, I arrived in Hungry Valley, and still not feeling good about the condition. The typical nasty Gorman wind ever so present that day, with a wind gust at 20 mph and the sky was gray. Then the pink skies started developing just like what Jeff told me, a short sunset but with good intensity. Escaype saved the day once again.

Jojo Butingan


You gotta be there to get the shot! It certainly helps to have a good forecast as well :) #escaype

Joe Azure


Another masterful burn prediction from legendary weatherman Jeff Lewis. Actually what he said was, "it's going to be a very short burn". Short it was, as it lasted only a few minutes but did it every blow up the sky for me.

Jason Chong


Rushed out of work early yesterday after hearing...that Jeff Lewis was predicting great sunset conditions. I raced down to CDM and made it just in time to catch a killer sunset.

Daniel Ryan Seeks


The clouds were overcast and gray all day in San Diego when I got a rather credible tip that the sunset could go off in Laguna/Huntington area. I got off work a little early and grabbed my gear and headed north on a little sunset gamble road trip. As you can see, it more than paid off.

Ev Yorobe


So happy to see this on front page of 500px :) Like always spot on predictions by ‪#‎escaype‬ ‪#‎sunriseforecasting‬

Tarun Kottary


I received a little heads up in the morning from my friend Jeff Lewis that the sunset could be nice in my neck of the woods of Sonoma County… The man is on to something because his prediction success ratio with me has been quite impressive. ‪#‎escaype‬

Bob Bowman


While speeding down to the shore...watching the clouds closing in on us...thought for sure the sunset was going to evade us tonight...was I ever wrong...the sky came alive with so much color, rain fell, and a beautiful double rainbow!!! WOW...a blessing was bestowed from the heavens tonight!!! Thank you to ‪#‎escaype‬ Jeff Lewis...for the hot tip!

Pam Conrad


"I've been really impressed with the accuracy of #escaype. I remember driving out to pigeon point for sunrise one morning, it's a long drive and the farther I drove, the more the little voice in my head told me to turn around. I'm so glad I ignored that voice and stuck with the forecast, the sky blew up twice that morning (just like #escaype forecast, an early burn, a break, then a re-ignition). I scored some incredible conditions and got my dream shot."

Sam Post (sampost on Flickr)


It was my first time there and I was impressed with the light as forecast by Jeff Lewis's ‪#‎escaype‬... I owe you beer Jeff. The colors were so intense that I actually had to tone them down somewhat as the oranges and purples were clipping.

Gregorio Gomez


This was my first sunrise I got to experience for 2015 back in the US!! It was gorgeous!!!! thanks to the tip from ‪#‎escaype‬ !! [A friend] and I headed out armed with our gear on the shores of Huntington Beach in great anticipation! We were not disappointed! Have a wonderful weekend guys and Happy Saturday- a borrowed summer day in the middle of winter! Who wouldn't love living here!!!! ‪#‎sunsetforecasting‬ thanks Jeff!

Leigh Langman (Langman Lightscapes on Flickr)


During a grey and dull overcast day... I went for a photo adventure at Rodeo Beach. I was skeptical about sunset for most of the day, though when the sun dropped below the cloud cover something very special happened. Vivid orange glow spilled across the scene as the clouds above transformed into a canvas of colors. It was one of the most spectacular displays of light I have ever seen, the light was almost blinding. I was almost a little too shocked to even photograph it. I will never forget this night and I am so happy to share this photograph with you all. #escaype

Michael Shainblum



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