joining the cotton candy team

For a monthly cost less than a small tank of gas*, you can be an Escaype Artist.

At Escaype, we believe in simple and straightforward, with no hidden fees. Instead, we seek to build a lasting personal relationship with every one of our clients. Escaype is not a weather app or piece of software; it is a service and local business run by real, local people who live and breathe photography and weather. You can expect to receive frequent personal updates and direct contact with a local expert meteorologist, and responsive customer service with a true 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Welcome to our family of Escaype Artists.

Our groups are usually full, and any spaces we do have usually fill very quickly. If spaces are available, claim yours before it's gone. 

For more information on Escaype, familiarize yourself with the FAQ, and if your answer isn't there, contact us

If Escaype isn't available in your area yet, but you'd like to support our mission, you can also make a donation to help us get to your area more quickly. (Rumor has it that places with the most donations may see Escaype sooner...)

49 USD/month
billed month-to-month
Forecasts for the next three golden hours
     - Sky potential
     - Chance of skunkTM
     - Cloud height
     - Cloud cover
     - Best time
     - Sunrise/sunset time
     - Solar azimuth
Other forecasts, on-demand
     - Fog forecasts, including height
     - Blue hour forecasts
     - Clear night sky forecasts
Unlimited forecast requests
Daily Forecaster's Note and weather discussion, for extended photo weather outlook
FREE software/app updates and new features
Zoomable, interactive heat map
     with full Google/Apple Maps integration
Real-time community reports, directly to your phone
Full membership in an exclusive, top tier, tightly-knit group of Escaype Pro photographers
Every forecast inspected and backed by local expert meteorologists and professional landscape photographers
Premium in-house customer service, with email and group message support

All Escaype services are backed by our all-mighty guarantee. 

If you are not fully content with Escaype for any reason, and we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we will immediately refund your subscription for the remainder of the month or year you have subscribed. It's that simple -- we stand behind our service, and we're here to make sure you love it.


Signing up together with a large group? We offer group rates. Contact us for details.


#escaype is not an app.

it's not a piece of software. 

we are a local service run by real people who live for weather and photography. 


*Our calculation assumes an annual Escaype membership at $39/month, gas at $3.50/gallon, which was below average in San Francisco at time of posting on May 1, 2015, and a standard compact 12-gallon gas tank. 

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