what escaype offers you

at #escaype, we believe it's possible to come back with a keeper photograph each time you go out.

We are the world's first comprehensive community and weather service for photographers, and a proud local business in the Bay Area, powered with love from real people. 



1) Detailed sky forecasts. Your Escaype forecasts start with an in-house, patented golden hour model. Our model takes in public raw data from National Weather Service models, and it determines where the clouds are expected to be, what kind of clouds they'll be, and if they're expected to light up during golden hour. To the extent the models allow us, we also forecast fog (including height, and the famous San Francisco "low fog"), clear night skies, and other weather phenomena that you wish to capture.


An Escaype forecast for a very short, but possibly intense, partial-sky burn through an amazingly beautiful cloud deck. Verified in person.



All forecasts then pass through a full-time, local scenic meteorologist, who either stands behind them or alerts you to any necessary updates or clarifications. Once the forecast is issued, it isn't forgotten: a forecaster is constantly analyzing the models and satellite imagery to make sure your forecast remains on track as your photoshoot approaches. 


Escaype's model forecasts are conveniently accessible with Android and iOS apps bundled with the service.


2) Messaging groups.* The heart of your Escaype experience is membership in a small, local messaging group of approximately 10-20 Escaype Artists. This is where you will find the current forecasts as shared several times per day by our bots, 


This forecast was verified by several of our team members across the Bay Area.


real-time reports from the most skilled photographers in the region,


forecast updates,


This forecast was verified by several Bay Area photographers and Escaype testers (and it was followed by four days of blue bird skies).


and much more. All groups are closely monitored by an Escaype forecaster. Escaype groups are also known for being particularly tight-knit, sharing image critiques and post-processing tips,


and frequent meetups and photo adventures when major scores are known to happen.


A few images this from this one-day trip are available here and here.


It is a group of your soon-to-be best friends in the photography world.

(You can, of course, turn off notifications and/or mute the group at any time...but most Escaype Artists never do!)


3) Weather tutorials. As an Escaype Artist, you will no longer be left in the dark using weather forecasts that are made for the other 99% of the public, who couldn't care less how amazing the clouds will look tomorrow evening. With Escaype, you won't just know if the sky will be good, but you'll know why the sky will be good. You'll be able to use the basics of our cutting-edge forecasting techniques on your trips outside our forecast area, so you won't be in the blind if you find yourself in an area that Escaype doesn't yet serve. (That said, even we dread traveling to places that Escaype doesn't yet serve, because doing things the old fashioned way feels so 2014!) 

Oh, and if you're not a science buff, don't worry -- we'll make it easy. 

Despite Escaype's striking accuracy, on rare occasions, a temporarily weak link causes the system to fail. We believe in full transparency; instead of covering up these rare instances, we investigate where the failure occurred, take steps to fix it wherever possible, and explain to you why that big overhead cloud didn't light up much or how areas of color snuck through for a minute when they weren't expected to.


#escaype is not an app.

it's not a piece of software. 

we are a local service run by real people who live for weather and photography. 


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