become an Escaype Artist

At this time, Escaype is accepting new members to our waitlist, by application only. As we are a local business staffed by real people, we prefer to limit our rate of growth so we can provide much-needed individual attention to our clients. 

We welcome members of all skill levels, and we do not discriminate based on experience or portfolio quality. We're more interested in finding folks who will be active members in our thriving community and participate in discussion in our groups, where we do image critiques, share real-time weather reports, exchange location info, and help each other grow to become better photographers. If this sounds like a good fit for you, even if you just bought your first dSLR, we'd love to get to know you. When a space opens up, we'll be prioritizing those who are higher on the waitlist, but we may also prioritize anyone on the list who seems especially interested in being active members of our community.

As of July 2019, we have 0 spaces available. There is no estimated date of more spaces opening up, though if a space opens up, it will be announced to our waitlist and will likely fill before making it here.

If you'd like to apply to be a member, contact us to be considered for our waitlist. Please include a link to your portfolio, if possible. Send us a little info on yourself and why you're interested in Escaype. If you know any corny jokes, send those, too. Due to high volume of requests and having a small team focused on our clients, we may not respond to applications until a space opens up. When said space opens, we may conduct brief phone and/or in-person interviews from the waitlist. 

For more information on how Escaype works, check the About page, features, and FAQ. We expect all new members to have a basic understanding of what our community is about.


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