Imagine what life as a photographer would be like... if you had a weatherman in your pocket who sent you text messages telling you where and when to go to nail your dream shots. 

Imagine what life would be like without all those wasted hours of driving... all that gas money... all those skipped meetings at work... all the priceless lost family time... all ending in cursing upon visiting a beautiful beach for the fifteenth time and watching another epic-looking sky fade to grey... 

Imagine if all that never had to happen again.

Imagine this: the next time you drive three hours, spend money on gas, skip a work meeting, and miss priceless family time... things are different. This time, you have a text message from the weatherman himself, and you KNOW the sky is going to blow up and you are going to go home with a big smile on your face. 

Until recently, that's just what you had to do... imagine it. 

It's time to join the club of photographers who don't try fifteen times. We are the club that tries once. And we score. 

Welcome to Escaype. 

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