fission and fusion

another image taken with an #escaype prediction, at rodeo beach last monday. 

We brought three friends along on this night, all world-class photographers. The skies were completely dull grey and overcast. To the untrained eye, it looked like a sky to write off, but Escaype was predicting one of the best skies imaginable, and as I followed the event on the satellite I could see that everything was on track. When we drove over the hill to the beach, we couldn't help but smile when we saw the promised orange slit on the horizon, one of the classic telltale signs that the grey sky would soon erupt. Then everything happened in a hurry. Incredible undulating textures became visible under the clouds as the blinding sun streamed through the gap like a laser, then the entire sky burst into some of the most intense sunset colors we had ever seen. 

Here are a few of my friends' jaw-dropping images from the shoot: 

Rapture, by Michael Shainblum

Divine Light, by Nick Steinberg

Something amazing that the world will hopefully someday see, by Erin Babnik (she has locked herself away while she creates her masterpiece)

Amazing evening and fun week! 

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